After finally being able to restabilize myself emotionally due to the loss of my dearly beloved husband of 55 years, I ventured back out into the deep waters and found another mate with whom to share my life. Consequently, having found someone who was willing and able to put up with me and all of who I am, I remarried. Almost immediately after doing so, the step in the logical sequence was for my new spouse to move into my condo with me–and that he did.

                 After just a few days into our new living arrangements, my guy told me that he wanted to bless me–bless us–with an upgrade to the central heating and cooling system. The feature that he had in mind was an automated one that would make our home system capable of being automatic climate-adjustable/controlled. And added perk of our relationship, my new husband was a certified HVAC technician, and a self-sufficient-leaning one at that.

                Therefore, when it came time to conduct the upgrade, he elected to take it upon himself and got the equipment necessary to get the job done and manually install the auto-adjustable feature to the system. It took him some time to get things situated, but after just a few days, my man had everything up and running.