Because of the long, cold Winter time seasons in the area where I live, I was consistently reluctant to invest in a central cooling system for my home.  Our Summer season consistently only lasts more than two months. Occasionally the entire Summer is wet plus cold. Air conditioning seemed an unnecessary waste of money.  The only reason I eventually had a central cooling system installed was because of a sizable sale plus rebate from the manufacturer. I was upgrading my furnace, plus the addition of the a/c was truly in high-priced.  I now don’t recognize how I ever got along without the cooling system. Even when the weather is mild, I run the a/c to circulate the air in the house. It keeps the living area feeling fresher, cleaner plus odoring better.  Because I can keep the windows closed, there’s far less dust, pollen, bugs plus exhaust fumes getting inside. We are no longer bothered by traffic sounds, barking pets, noisy neighbors or tweeting birds. My whole family sleeps far better at evening plus feels way more productive during the afternoon.  The a/c I chose achieves a 26 SEER, which is seriously energy efficient. It features variable-speed technology which allows the device to automatically adjust capacity to meet demand. By running for longer cycles at lower speed, the cooling system minimizes running costs plus operational sounds, while maximizing comfort plus dehumidification.  I no longer deal with condensation running down the windows, mildew growth on the sills, or that horribly sticky feeling. Upgrading to central cooling was a single of the best cabin improvement investments I’ve ever made.

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