There are things that make me excited to move, make me anxious to move, and make me feel every emotion in between. I have so much going on and running through my head during a move, and of course during my first few weeks of being there. I tried to budget best I could for this move, but when it comes to utilities I just didn’t really know what they would cost me, even though I did so much research and saw so many different averages with different factors. Well, I certainly did not budget properly for having an HVAC system in my new home. I thought for sure I would be used to the costs and they would be similar because in New England, I had electric heat and that was incredibly costly. I was mistaken. Even with the high electric bill I had up north, it does not compared to the electric bill I have down south – this led me to believe something was wrong. There was no way it was that expensive to run this HVAC system unless something wasn’t running properly. I had an HVAC technician come out and they did some air tests, I changed out my filter several times, we tried everything. I finally had another HVAC technician come out from a separate company and after some tests and doing a lot of the same fixes the first technician did, he figured out it was the ducts that were clogged! Now my electric bill is lower and I am much cooler and happier.

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