I need to stay better up to date on home maintenance and appliance performance.  I’m good about mopping my floors and keeping my home generally clean from top to bottom, but admittedly, there are a few areas around the house that could use more patience and care.  For one, my oven probably hasn’t been cleaned in at least two years, and I can only imagine the layers of grease and grime that I’m going to have to scrape off the bottom when I clean it later this week.  My garage door is starting to fall off the tracks, which is something else I’ve been neglecting as well. But amidst remembering to fix all of these various things around my house, I still managed to forget about my HVAC filter.  The air handler filter is an essential component in your system, and any undo blockages cause significant performance drop in your entire HVAC. Too little filtration and you run the risk of circulating dust and spores throughout your house, allowing them to gather on your evaporator coils just past the filter tray inside your air handler.  Just as suspected, there were several layers of dust and dirt caked to the inside of my filter. I promptly bought a new one and threw it in right away. The second I turned my system back on, noticed how it felt cooler, dryer, and cleaner smelling in the indoor air. I have to make sure I don’t overlook my filter in the future and swap it out before it gets that clogged and caked up.