My family moved into a new house recently. We are a typical American family in the twenty-first century, in that everybody in the house is spoiled. For much of the day, we are on our smart phones in separate parts of the building. We all like different temperatures in our respective rooms, and cannot stand for it to deviate from our comfort zones. Without the proper technology, we were hopeless living together under a regular thermostat with single temperature capabilities. But now our dreams have come true, as we have finally found a way to get a unique temperature in each room of the house. I consulted with a heating, vent, and air conditioning specialist who came out to our home, and learned about new technology designed to operate the thermostat by remote. I have heard of Smart Homes, but we believed that technology was out of our price range. I didn’t even think it was available for private homes unless you were rich. The HVAC tech who came out to the house hooked up everything while my partner watched a couple of TV judge shows. For less than the price of a new iPhone, we ended up with a wireless thermostat and several digital sensors to put in each bedroom. Upstairs and downstairs can all now be controlled by a single thermostat, with each room having a distinct temperature. I could even control it all by a cell phone or computer, if I wished. I think I will leave that to my partner to figure out. Just as long as everyone else in the house is happy, I am satisfied with the work.

HVAC technician