I am a collector of military artifacts. And as much as I loved having all of this history contained in a handful of artifacts, my heart had to be in it to tolerate the labor of love  that comes with maintaining these items! My home has to be perfectly air conditioned at all times, as a particular ranges of temperatures are required to prevent condensation from building in the cases where these items are stored at. I also had to invest in a humidistat – something I wasn’t even aware of until it was recommended that I buy one – as I had to keep the humidity truly low to prevent moisture from ruining the paper artifacts. All of this extra effort & money was a monthly cost that had to be covered if I wanted to keep our historical items in our big old home. I remember one day, our home’s humidistat started acting out of character & wouldn’t keep the humidity in the house within the expected limits. As a result, I had to work fast to find a buddy that was also into collectibles, & ask them to house our collection until the humidistat was fixed! I was so thankful when they said there was room for our stuff to be at his home. It legitimately paid off that our humidistat was acting up, too – this buddy of mine had some legitimately cool military items that I was more than willing to buy from him! So it all worked out for the best in the very end of everything.

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