Radon is a natural by-product of the decomposition of radioactive materials in the ground.  There is some kind of radioactive material everywhere. It can be in the granite top of your kitchen counter.  It can be the bricks of your home. It isn’t something that you can just pick up and move to get away from. Radon is everywhere.  The thing is to recognize that it is possibly in your home and then take measures to keep it out of your air. Make your air quality as good as it can be.  That doesn’t mean that you simple turn on the air conditioning with your fancy air purifier. You need to go out and actively find a contractor who do the proper testing and then install a Radon Mitigation System into your home.  I know that it seems a bit scary, but do the research. The more you find out about radon and what it is and how easy it is to mitigate from your home, the less scary it becomes. I remember when they told me that I had radon in my home.  I had lived there for twenty years. I didn’t have lung cancer and neither did anyone in my home. We didn’t have any lung problems at all, not even asthma or bronchitis. However, when I heard that I had radon, I panicked and worried. Then I looked in the mirror and told  myself to take a deep breath and I looked it up. The computer is a marvelous place to get all of the information you need on absolutely everything. I hired a contractor to install a Radon Mitigation System. I was shocked that it wasn’t anything more than a fan and a bunch of pipe work.