I sometimes wonder how our dear Grandparents lived their whole lives every day separate from air conditioning.  They had a toiling farm where they toiled in the sun just to have enough food for their family. I recognize the summer time sun would not be so awful if you could go inside plus take a split in the a/c, otherwise the heat of the day must have been overwhelming.  I recognize you don’t miss what you don’t have, plus certainly are not used to having. I could not imagine living separate from heating plus cooling, but then again, I am from a odd generation. My parents certainly had air conditioning in the summer, but most likely not as children.  Everyone had a fireplace, or more than one for heat plus even to cook by. In fact, our mother would tell us kids stories of how she plus her siblings plus mother would cook their lunch on that seasoned fireplace. They must have had some undoubtedly fine cast iron cookware to be able cook lunch over a fireplace.  I could barely imagine what it would be love to require a fireplace particularally for heat. In our day, a fireplace is a cozy centerpiece of a family celebration. I remember the fireplace certainly had stockings hanging from it at Christmas time, but not much heat coming from it. I say thank goodness for current Heating and Air Conditioning.  I am spoiled plus I appreciate the ease of walking up to a temperature control plus adjusting it to have a odd or better temperature control. I would not want it any other way.

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