For me, there’s nothing quite like a good Halloween party. The spooky themes, the great parties – these are great and all, but there’s nothing I enjoy more than the costumes themselves! It’s always incredible to see how intricate and well-made everyone’s costumes can be, and I try to bring my own level of “wow” to any costume contest I enter. Usually I do pretty well and get tons of compliments, but this past year was less than ideal. It began when my friends called prior to their Halloween party, telling me that they’re dealing with an uncooperative air conditioning system. We all live in the South, so even in the end of October it’s still pretty warm outside. Despite their warning, my friends claimed the HVAC repair tech was on his way, and the unit would be fixed and ready by the time the party started. Several hours passed, and I got fully into costume before leaving the house. My costume required extensive makeup on my face, so I was counting on their house being nice and cold as per usual. Instead, I walked into their home and was promptly greeted by a gust of hot air from the entrance! It was definitely at least eighty-five degrees inside their house, and I could feel sweat forming under the bald cap I had on. I knew my costume wouldn’t last unless I found somewhere nice and cool, but such a place was nowhere to be found! When I found my friends hosting the party, I asked what was up with the A/C. “We don’t know either – the guy came and said it was fixed!” Apparently not. Fortunately, the service technician was able to make his way back to the house during the party and get their central A/C system back online. That’s great customer service, to be willing to come back after hours and make sure something was fixed and stayed fixed! My buddies offered for the guy to stick around for a while and have some fun since he was “in costume” with his work uniform, but the HVAC repair technician politely declined. I wish he’d come there sooner though – my makeup was practically ruined!