As a single guy, it seems as though every day offers its own unique aspect of living la vida loca. A hard-working guy by nature, and one who’s always looking for ways to improve my current set of circumstances, I recently purchased my very first home. Ecstatic about the move, one of the first things I aimed to do was upgrade the existing heat system from a basic furnace setup to one that included both a furnace and a heat pump–in other words, a hybrid heat system. Since my money wasn’t exactly what I wanted it to be at the time to match by rearing aspirations, I called up a buddy of mine who I knew to be affiliated with the heating and cooling industry. I explained to him what I was looking to have done and he acknowledged that it would be an involved feat but a noble one for which he was willing to assist. Consequently, he came over and conducted the initial diagnosis and ordered the heat pump that would be needed to complete the complimentary upgrade. Once the part arrived, he came back and continued work, fuzing the two systems into a compatible one. He experienced a few hiccups at first since it was his first time performing an upgrade as detailed as this one; however, as time wore on, he got the hang of things and had the entire hybrid heat system up and running in essentially no time. Now, I would be able to enjoy my cost- and energy-efficient upgrade just in time for the frigid winter that was in store.