I honestly took my ex-bestie Marcus for granted. I did not realize how handy he was until he was gone. In my head, Marcus was a slob that barely put any time into our relationship. Now that he is gone, I realize that he was super wonderful to have around the house. When a light fixture fell on the ground, I cleaned it up and Marcus repaired it. When our fridge broke, he was the 1 researching and getting a new 1. I miss my bestie especially when things go wrong with my Heating and A/C unit. He was the 1 that looked over our Heating and A/C equipment. If the two of us did not have enough heating in Winter or the Summer AC was ineffective, Marcus stuck his head inside the unit. He cleaned, oiled and tighten inside of the Heating and A/C unit. He also was in charge of getting and putting in new air filters. I am sure he did a lot of other wonderful things for the Heating and A/C device. I don’t suppose exactly what and I could never hope to recreate it. My current Heating and AC technology is showing the lack of love. It barely runs, is super dirty and my Heating and A/C bills have never been higher. Frequently my Heating and A/C device will just rebel and turn off. I wish Marcus was here to coax it back to life while I did other things. He was not a good bestie all around, but his skills in the Heating and A/C field entirely should have been in consideration before I dumped him. I hope my next guy knows his Heating and A/C too.

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