A few weeks ago, my wife as well as I had our entire ducting system cleaned as well as sanitized. My youngest kid has terrible flu symptom symptoms, as well as things have been honestly bad lately. My wife as well as I were ready to buy an media air cleaner for the whole house. The dentist suggested cleaning the duct work, before doing something extravagant as well as drastic. The dentist gave us the name of several local air quality control specialist that could help. We contacted each a single of them, as well as more than one weird providers offered to provide us with a free in-house estimate. We found out that a significant portion of our HVAC duct was riddled with holes. When the new home was built 40 years ago, the HVAC duct was installed. It seemed that no a single had ever inspected the HVAC duct. The air quality control specialist spent half the day cleaning as well as sanitizing the HVAC duct. They also repaired the holes as well as leaks. They also replaced a 4-foot section of HVAC duct, that seemed too destruction for repairs. It’s been more than one weeks since the air quality control specialist cleaned our HVAC duct, as well as our entire new home smells wash as well as fresh. I did not think cleaning the HVAC duct would it provide so much relief, however our kid is breathing much better; He’s even sleeping all through the night, which was the main issue! Cleaning the duct task as well as hiring as well as air quality specialist was a great idea. We won’t even need an media air cleaner now. That saves us thousands of dollars in the long run.  Every section of our new home is wash as well as fresh, as well as that is a great improvement.

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