It was such a challenge for us to rebuild after the hurricane last year. Everyone up in the northern end of the state loved to brag about how the storm barely touched them, but we had some serious damage in my town! Three different restaurants that had survived worse storms, all totally demolished by this hurricane. On top of that, we had a power outage that lasted for two weeks! It was awful. Thankfully, my parents had the foresight to invest in a power generator for our home! We used it sparingly, and mostly to make sure it wasn’t so hot in the house that mold would grow. I still remember how my dad would warn us all that he was about to run the generator and also run the whole-house fan. It was good that he warned us, because we would notice the power coming on in the house for just a moment, before suddenly hearing the whole-house fan in the attic turn on and feeling the entire house rapidly cool off! It was cool to experience, but we had to be careful and always make sure windows were open! It was a rare occurrence according to the heating and air conditioning professional that installed the fan, but he said that a significant pressure difference between the inside and outside could cause the windows to crack. I wanted to see if that was true, so when my dad said he was turning on the generator, we deliberately didn’t open any windows. When the whole-house fan turned on, every single window in the house began to vibrate, and two of them actually cracked! That was scary, and a good lesson on why you shouldn’t play around with HVAC equipment. I’m just glad the air quality in our home could be quickly restored!

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