Building automation is a really cool field to be working in during this day and age. I mean, I’ve always been interested in the building management industry, but these days, building automation systems are definitely the way to go. And integrated building automation systems are the wave of the future. From what I’ve seen lately during trade shows and at lots of my job sites, we should all be focusing more on engineering building control solutions, paying particular attention to things like HVAC control services, energy retrofit services, and automated logic. I know that probably sounds like a widespread series of things to focus on, but when you’re dealing within the building management industry on a regular basis, you have to be able to diversify or specialize at any given time. For instance, I recently had to take classes on BATC, DDC Controls, and VAV Box DDC Controls. Things like that don’t come to me easily, and I have to make an effort to keep on top of changes and improvements that come along. I also became BMS certified last year, just to keep ahead of the game. It’s really a competitive field when it comes right down to it, and I want to keep ahead of the curve. I really like my job in building management, and so I know that knowing all about building automation systems is key when it comes to keeping it! If I just sit around and let the advancements and new technologies pass me by, then I would be in danger of letting someone else come in and make me seem like I’m not needed anymore.

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