As student-athletes, my roommate and I stay occupied with either homework or sports. We recently received a shot of energy in the arm when our sophomore year rolled around, though. After we spent our first year serving time getting situated and becoming familiar with living on campus as freshmen, we were eventually granted permission to live off campus. Consequently, we moved away and into an apartment. Neither my roommate nor I were concerned much with the weather at first since we moved during the middle of spring, however, we were all about it once the warm summer temperatures rolled around. And with the warm temperatures came much excess heat and humidity, which gave us cause for concern for livelihood sake. As a result, we decided to ask around to a few fellow off-campus peers and even some on-campus ones regarding ways to deal with our new hot, humid situation. After a flood of suggestions, we received a tip from one set of students that we ought to obtain and set up a series of devices called dehumidifiers around our place as the reported function of such devices was to detract excess indoor heat from our residence and thereby render it much more bearable. Since we had essentially no other logical options to choose from, we followed through with the advice. After just a few days of the new setup we began to see a difference, and one for which my roommate and I were immensely grateful. In turn, not only was our place much cooler overall, but our clothes were much lighter and fresher than they had been in weeks leading up to the changes.

HVAC maintenance planĀ