Well that was a fun experiment, but now I think never to try that ever again. This chapter in our life has been hastily opened and shut, and I’m A-okay with that, all things considered. I thought maybe I could make more currency without making a considerable change to our lifestyle, but nothing ever comes without problems. I should have known that when I signed up to host an AirBnB last week. It took weeks to get through the process, properly vetting ourselves as responsible homeowners looking to deliver a service to other upstanding, polite humans. However, I don’t think they put the same amount of scrutiny into who they allow as guests on the website. I can say this for particular, actually, after shelling oet 2,000 dollars for a brand current central cooling plan and control unit. It all started when our guests departed the apartment and the two of us hurried back in to check out the disfigures. We expected some messes, for sure, but the two of us were not expecting the apartment to be over 85 degrees when the two of us entered. All the windows were open, in fact, despite the fact that it was the middle of a scorching tepid summer. I went to the control unit and began pushing buttons, but the temperature control plan wouldn’t turn on. Then the two of us made the choice to go to the a/c unit and found that it was also completely powerless and silent. One professional Heating, Ventilation, and A/C appointment later, the two of us had our answer. The control unit and air conditioning system unit had been running at a high level and both short circuited after afternoons of abuse. We had to replace the whole thing. Too exhausting the two of us vowed to be done with AirBnB… now that the two of us have a fully renovated air quality control plan I bet the two of us could charge even more.

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