Family game evening is something I look forward to every week. It’s funny how that happens, isn’t it? One morning you’re in your early twenties, and the highlight of the month is going out on the weekend, but before you suppose it, you find yourself with a spouse, a kid or 2, and a wild evening of board games! I still have plenty of friends who go out on the weekend, but I can actually say I’ve moved past that section of our life. Now, I prefer spending time with our family, watching our kids grow up too fast and making every morning count with the a singles I hold dear. Still, even that evening can be soured by something small. A few weeks ago, every one of us were due to have our game evening until the cabin was becoming noticeably warmer as the morning progressed. I job from home, so usually I have the air conditioning method running through most of the morning. It was a particularly sizzling morning, so I figured the cooling system was just having a strenuous time keeping up with the Summer weather. Instead, I found that after our kids got home from university and our wife from work, it was over eighty degrees in the house! Everyone was complaining the moment they walked through the door, asking me how I haven’t noticed the heat indoors. Truthfully, I also use a huge oscillating fan to keep our learn cool and comfortable with plenty of air circulation, so I wouldn’t have noticed legitimately truly that it was so tepid in the rest of the house! With the home being so tepid and miserable, no a single wanted to stay indoors and sweat as every one of us tried to play Monopoly. I don’t blame them, but it was sad to skip out on game evening. Instead, every one of us made the choice to go out and get ice cream at the parlor near our house. The two of us still loved ourselves, but you can bet I was on the PC with the heating plus A/C service company the next morning!

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