Don’t be like me – don’t let your air conditioning system blow all your money for you during the summer! These simple energy-saving tips will help immensely to lower your utility bills and give you some much-needed peace of mind. Firstly, get a programmable thermostat for your air conditioning system if you do not already have one. Allowing the a/c to run all day is an expensive, wasteful habit. It’s certainly a large waste of energy, too! That kind of energy waste will add more digits to your electric bill than your phone number! There are easy ways to help your a/c run better and save you money at the same time, so rest assured – you aren’t alone. Changing the air filter is such a simple step to take, but changing the air conditioning system filter out is rarely done as often as it should be in most homes! A new air filter allows the HVAC method to produce the desired temperature output without having to work as hard to produce that cool, conditioned air. Another energy-savings tip is to stop cooling the outside! People don’t consider how there is a simple answer to that issue, as only those living in a brand new house will avoid this problem. See, your older windows are allowing your cold, conditioned air to leak right through to the outside. Your house leaks cool air through worn door and window seals, cracks and even a poorly insulated attic! These cracks and crevices will allow your conditioned air to leave your home faster than you’d believe. Having an energy audit can be daunting, but it can also help make your house more energy-efficient! That means money saved on your air conditioning system operating costs.

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