I wish I had a Smart Thermostat. A friend visited my home recently and commented on my home air conditioner, which was keeping the house steadily cool during the scorching summer. He brought his iPhone and started talking to Siri, the artificial intelligence system for Apple. We joked around with Siri for a while, then my friend started telling me a story about a Smart Thermostat he had seen at his work associate’s house. I had never heard of a Smart Thermostat before. I had heard of smart cars and smartphones, but this was news to me. My friend explained that this was a thermostat with Wi-Fi that could be operated by a smartphone. I thought, wouldn’t that be amazing! I could regulate the thermostat from another room and not have to go into the living room and press buttons on a machine. At first, I thought this might make me sound kind of lazy. But then I thought about it some more, and it made sense to have a Wi-Fi air conditioning system in my home. Often I am intensely absorbed in my writing and/or academic studies, such as taking an online timed quiz, and it is not convenient for me to get up and risk losing time or a crucial train of thought. Also, I might be able to finally end this small war with the roommate over the thermostat. He likes the house a little cooler than I do, and I can’t keep getting up to change the temperature after he adjusts it to his liking. A Smart Thermostat sounds like just the thing to make my life a little easier.

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