One of my oldest friends is making the change to live entirely off grid. To most people, he seems a bit crazy, but I think it makes a whole lot of sense. With his new home, he’ll be able to live an entirely self-sustained with no more bills, and no more accruing debt. Since his job already allows him to work from home full time, he’s going to use that income to keep working for the next few years paying off his student loans. Once those are done away with, he’ll be able to simply live as he likes. He’s already purchased the land, and has been doing cover crops to prepare the soil for farming, so that at it will produce richer yields. My one concern was how he was going to stay warm. We live in the very rural North, where our winters regularly last eight months out of the year. He said he already figured that out with his local heating and air conditioning supplier. Apparently, they work with off-the-grid guys like my buddy all the time. The HVAC supplier was really helpful in helping him select a ductless mini split unit that perfectly fits his needs. It needs no ductwork, and can be hooked up to his solar panels, since it doesn’t need any fuel to run at all. Even though it’s called a heat pump, this HVAC device handles both heating and cooling efficiently. The best part is that it has no toxic gasses output or risk, so he never has to worry about CO2 poisoning like folks often do with big furnace units. He’ll be off the grid in total comfort.

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