I get so sick and tired of hearing about my friend Marcia’s boyfriend that sometimes I think I’m going to scream. She brags about him constantly and lately I’ve been avoiding going to lunch or dinner with her because I just don’t want to hear anymore about how great he is! His name is Jason, and he is a heating and air conditioning technician. He works for a local HVAC company but he is going back to school to get his degree in business because someday he wants to open up his very own heating and air conditioning business. According to my friend Marcia, Jason is just the best HVAC technician who has ever lived! And not only that, he’s the smartest and the best looking! According to her, there is no one else in the entire world that you should ever consider calling if your air conditioning breaks down or if your furnace needs a tune up. Apparently, Jason is the world’s best heating and air conditioning technician and he basically just walks on water. I don’t know. Maybe I’m just jealous and I should find out if Jason has any amazing single friends who work at the HVAC company. All I know is that if Marcia doesn’t stop talking about him all the time, I might just go down to the heating and air conditioning company myself and make an appointment. I might just steal Jason for myself, and then we’ll see what’s what. When that happens, Marcia is going to wish she hadn’t bragged on Jason and his HVAC career quite so much!

HVAC tech