When the house is quiet, I like to sit in the reading nook with a good book. My favorite books are mysteries, but I don’t mind non-fiction, science fiction, or how to books. The reading nook is located in the living room. One corner of the living room is filled with comfy bean bag chairs and fun colored tapestries. We call this area the reading nook. The kids have a shelf full of Dr. Seuss and Berenstain Bears books. Some of those books belonged to my husband and I, and we have passed them down over the time. The kids love to reading our old books. My favorite part about the reading nook, is our mini-split HVAC unit. The living room was an addition to the house, built about fifty years ago. When the addition was built, it was not ducted to the central heat and air conditioning system. When my husband and I bought the house, we decided to add a mini-split HVAC unit to the living room. The kids gather there every afternoon.they read books, color pages, or do their homework. The mini-split HVAC unit gets the job done and we have never had any problems with the living room air quality. Oftentimes, the rest of the house seems warmer than the living room. I wish we could get rid of the ducted HVAC system and put a mini-split system in each of the rooms. It would be very expensive to install so many mini-split HVAC units, but we would save money on our monthly utility allowances.

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