I knew I would be inheriting my parents land, including both barns, the half a dozen sheds, the main house, and all the surrounding fields. My parents had not grown crops in years, but the land was still valuable. I knew it was coming, and spent a long time trying to decide what I was going to do with all of this property out in the country. I decided to move into the place, fix it up a little bit, and get a better idea of the value of the land. Living there was more of a challenge than I wanted, because everything in the house was so outdated, and they had no climate control system. In the basement was an old furnace, along with an even older water heater, and that was it for the whole house. The tiniest amount of heating, and no cooling of any sort, which was absolutely unacceptable to me. If I was going to stay there, I needed to have at least a little bit of air conditioning. Outfitting the entire place with a new HVAC system was out of the question, it would have been prohibitively expensive, but I still needed something. I opted on a ductless mini split AC unit, which was a freestanding cooling unit that didn’t need to connect to any air ducts. I keep it in my master bedroom, but it is strong enough that it is capable of cooling down the entire first floor when i leave the bedroom door open. I may not ever need to instal central AC, this works so well for me.

temperature control