My son is our family HVAC technician.  I hate whenever he and his family go on vacation.  I know that inevitably, something is going to go wrong with the furnace or the air conditioner and my husband is going to try to fix it on his own.  My husband is handy when it comes to electrical issue, it’s what he did his entire life. When it comes to the heating and air conditioning, he isn’t very handy.  He and my son make a great team when they are installing a new heating system or an air conditioner. Alone, my husband isn’t very good. He just doesn’t have the knowledge or the dexterity that our son has.  So, when he said he was going on vacation, I panicked. I didn’t want to tell my husband, because he would feel like he had to fix the situation. Like clockwork, our air conditioning broke down. It wasn’t so hot out that we had to worry about super uncomfortable, and we could have easily waited until he got home, but my husband wasn’t hearing that.  He took his trusty hammer and headed outside. I waited to hear the cursing, like I hear when he works on the furnace. I waited to have him come running in with a broken finger, or a huge gash somewhere on his body. He didn’t come in the house for anything. I went outside and he was talking to someone. He had told his dad that if anything happened, his friend that he worked with, would be glad to come over and help him with the problem.  He had given his dad the number to call, but no one had told me.

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