My brother, Shane, is in the military. Since he has been deployed and living in a hot, sandy country for years, he has changed. His climate control desires are way off. I get it, when Shane comes home he doesn’t really want to adapt to our climate. The longest Shane comes home is for about a month. Then he has to go back to his much hotter, drier climate. In order to stay adjusted to that temperature, Shane needs to be hot. If it is summer when he comes home, that means no AC. Going without cooling for a month feels like torture for me. I sweat buckets and have pit stains daily. Shane is dry as a bone and totally happy. He does not even feel the need to go in our cold pool. The Winter might be worse though. We live in a really cold climate. So Shane freaks out that he will get used to the cold and then be messed up when he goes back to work. Shane will hardly leave the house heating system. He also demands that our furnace be set around 83 degrees when he is there. Additionally, my brother will use a space heater in his bedroom to keep him warmer during the night as well. He even has talked about getting a humidifier to make the air feel even warmer too. It is a nightmare. I hope my brother eventually gets stationed somewhere halfway normal. It would be nice to not adjust the HVAC everytime he comes home. I want him to not freak out about our climate.

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