I am conscientious about health, diet and fitness and have a designated workout area set up in my house.  I’ve invested in a treadmill, free weights, jump rope, weight bench and yoga mat. I typically devote at least an hour each day to my fitness routine.  Because of the severe weather in my local area, it is usually necessary to complete my workout inside. The outside temperature often drops below zero during the winter and climbs into the low nineties during the summer.  We deal with frequent rain, feet of snow, high winds, brutal humidity, and rely on either the furnace or air conditioner just about all year round. To improve comfort and cut running costs, I upgraded my heating and cooling system to zone control.  With a separate thermostat installed in each room, I am able to independently determine the ideal temperature. I avoid heating or cooling empty rooms, and keep the workout area far cooler than the rest of the house. The thermostats include wifi connectivity which provides access through my smartphone.  Even if I’m running on the treadmill, I can easily make adjustments to temperature. I’ve definitely gotten spoiled by the luxury and conveniences of my modern heating and cooling system. I no longer enjoy going for a run outside. I am aggravated by exhaust fumes, uneven ground, bugs, dogs and weather conditions.  I have no access to water, a bathroom, or the thermostat. While running on the treadmill every day gets super boring, I never need to worry about dressing for the weather. I simply set the perfect temperature on the thermostat.

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