My brother and I have always been really close. We live far apart from each other but we always make sure to visit eachother often. Every other month in fact, I go down south to see him. He comes up every other month to the North to see me. It’s funny that I ended up in the North, because I always feel kind of overheated, and I love the weather up North. My brother is basically the opposite and it stayed in the South. He always knows that when I come to visit, to adjust the thermostat and crank up the A/C a little bit. I always tell him it’s not necessary, but he just wants me to be comfortable. We always have great times and admittedly, in the winter months it’s nice to go down south to have some enjoyable times in the sun, but I always miss my home and can’t wait to get back. I remember one time my brother said I should just move back down south and get a nice place. I laughed at him and said there was no way I could take the brutal heat throughout the entire year! I would be cranking my A/C system non-stop! I even have to use my A/C often for the summer months up north, but I really do enjoy the weather, especially in the spring and fall months! Since my brother asked me, I asked him in return if he would consider moving up north and then I wouldn’t have to travel so far to see him. He laughed at me just like I laughed before and agreed that we both just are stuck in our ways, and that will never change.

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