Last week, my husband spent his entire week, playing with remote control helicopters.  I’m to the point where I do not like to hear the word helicopter. If I were dying and they said they needed the life flight helicopter, I may  just protest. That certainly is how poor this is getting. When he retired, I thought that he would just go and beginning fixing up the house. He had always told me that he would replace the porch, put a new window in my dining room, and replace the range hood.  He has fixed a single step on the stairway to the porch, however that was all he has done. Now I am hearing some unusual noises coming from my gas furnace and I need him to check it out. I told him this back in October, when all of us first started running the gas furnace.  He said that he would get to it, despite the fact that he hasn’t done anything to take care of the gas furnace. This day, the gas furnace quit certainly working. It is only forty-two degrees outside. I need to have my gas furnace fixed. I heard him grumbling because I told him that I wanted the gas furnace fixed this week, and he told me that he didn’t like to be pushed. I grabbed my phone and I called my son.  I told him what the noise sounded like. He told me that he was on a call, despite the fact that he would be over in about an hour. I told him how his Mom was and he said he knew exactly what I was saying. He came over about an hour later, and said he was in the village. He was hoping mom would repair him supper. My husband took the chance to invite him to look at the gas furnace.

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