Things just keep getting more tough out in the world.  Attempting to be independent, in this day & age, is tough.  When I hear the stories from our Mom regarding his salary straight out of school, I shake our head.  Then, Mom hammers the point condo by telling myself and others about the buying power back then. He lived in a nice apartment, drove a new car & still put significant bucks in savings.  This is simply no longer possible. First, it took myself and others almost a 18 months to find anything in our field of study. And, then it was starting at the unquestionably bottom. Getting tea & doing errands type of bottom.  Of course I don’t live somewhere fancy. My parents offered to continue to live at condo rent free. But, I just can’t do it. Instead, I live in an seasoned beach house which has been diced up into 1 room apartments. I have an Heating & Air Conditioning vent directly over our toilet.  True story. If I want to cool off after another hideous day at our work, I have to sit on the can. The only other Heating & Air Conditioning vent in our apartment is in the far corner of the study room. The best section is I don’t even have any control over the control unit. It is in a main hallway under lock & key.  I complain about this set up to the property owner. The response is properly get a cooling tower & a space heater. Or, traninterest out. He’s a real beauty, our property owner. I can’t wait until I advance enough to bring condo enough money to chop a fine place with a roommate. There are time the Heating & Air Conditioning situation alone forces myself and others to guess about moving back in with the folks.  Bu

AC system