I love being in our office now, no matter how freezing it gets.  I am finding that I am much more productive, and I love working.  I get our work done in better time, and it is done more officially.  The difference came about when our wife put radiant heated flooring into our office.  I can stand there without our shoes and work, without becoming freezing and irritated.  Unless you have worked where there is no heating, or easily little heating, you can’t understand.  Your fingers get numb and you begin to make a lot of mistake. It is like your brain is also freezing.  Your toes get so freezing they begin to cramp. Then your nose is running from the cold, and you hurt just to option up a tissue.  Now this is only when the door is closed and the freezing outside is easily extreme, but I have had these moments. When our wife had radiant heating installed beneath  our carpeting, I felt like I was in heaven. The heat not only warmed our feet, but it seemed to emanate from our feet right up through our body and into our head. Now I am able to concentrate and to work more.  My work is more accurate, and I am particularly enjoying working. I just wish I had the gift of radiant heating given to myself and others sooner, than i can only imagine how much more work I would have done, and how much larger our bank account would be.  Radiant heating has changed our entire look out of life and work.

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