After going on vacation with my family in the south, I think it’s fair to say that we will not be having a family vacation any time soon! Not only did my brothers and parents argue about where to eat and what to do day and night, but we also argued about where to sleep during the evening. My brothers wanted to go camping all the time because they love the outdoors. I am what you could describe as a hermit and love to be inside with air conditioning blowing in my face, so I was always trying to stay at a nearby five star hotel. My parents didn’t care about my a/c unit needs, they just wanted to save money so we ended up sleeping outside every evening. I would usually wake up in the middle of the night always dripping with sweat and uncomfortable, sleeping right next to my brother who was snoring very loudly in my ear. It was simply a nightmare! To top things off, the old and beat up truck we were driving for the trip had a heating and cooling breakdown. We ended up driving the last seven hours back home without any heating or cooling. When we got back home, I was so happy to feel the cool and crisp air in my room that I almost broke down and cried I was so relieved. If my parents and brother ever try to take me on a vacation ever again, they are going to have to drag out me of the house!