Working for an HVAC business is a little stressful at times.   During the summer season it is pretty boring because the bulk of our repairs are done in Spring plus Fall.  Wintertime is about the same as summer season. Every one of us get occasional repair or upgrade calls however other than that it is fairly quiet… Once our busy season starts it makes up for those slow nights for sure.  I am the receptionist plus I am in charge of answering questions, when I can, scheduling appointments, plus ordering parts. Some nights seem prefer they will never end. I barely have time for lunch. Yesterday,I received a call from a client who was insistent upon having a professional out to their new home that day.  Well, the problem, as I tried to explain was that it would be considered an emergency call plus it would have an additional fee. The caller was actually irritated plus screamed at myself and others that I was just trying to take all his currency. He didn’t see why he had to wait for the next available appointment plus proceeded to inform myself and others that his time was undoubtedly costly, but when he finally provided myself and others the chance to speak, I politely informed him that all clients were of value to our company plus that I would be more than cheerful to schedule him for the next appointment which was two nights from then.  He finally agreed plus I only hope that when our professional arrives he is treated more kindly than I was on the cellphone. Just because your schedule is available, doesn’t mean that almost everyone else’s is. I tell people to get us a window of nights if possible so that the people I was with and I can accomodate them more easily, and some nights, I believe prefer I should get hazardous duty spend money for putting up with the onslaught of callers who make inadequate requests.