The holiday season is upon us! My family is planning a trip out-of-state for part of the winter to see my partner’s family. It will be so fun to see people we have not seen in years, let alone the little ones we have not even met yet. We rarely travel, so after being gone for a week, we will want nothing more than to arrive back at home and have the thermostat set to a desirable temperature. My partner made an appointment for an HVAC maintenance technician to visit the house and give us suggestions on how to keep everything perfect for our return. He also installed a wireless thermostat that we can control by cell phone or computer from anywhere in the world. This is the perfect device for our purposes. It will check the humidity and also set the temperature to a specific number or range, like cooling the house at above 80 degrees and heating when it drops to under 40 degrees. The point is to keep the energy costs down for the time we are away, and not waste our resources. All we need in the house is a wireless internet connection, which we do have. The HVAC technician explained that we could also set every bedroom in the house at a different temperature with some digital sensors that would cost less than the gas for our vacation. I wasn’t even aware that such technology existed, so that is something we will look into at a later time. We are excited by the possibilities of a digital age!