I am thinking of getting a dehumidifier just for hair purposes. So the heat outside has been intense. Everyday is around 80-90 degrees. The sun is harsh and hot all day long. The humidity is even worse. It feels like a wet blanket is spread outside. That wetness can’t help but spread into the house. A cooling device is supposed to dry out the indoor air quality. Even with the AC working at full power, the humidity is still intense. I have been fighting mold and mildew in the bathroom. The always feels way too warm because the air quality is wet. The worst is my hair drying though. I have super long hair, it is around my waist. I love my hair and don’t want to cut it. However, the heat and humidity is too much for my hair. I shower and have wet hair all day. The humidity stops my hair from drying completely. Putting it up wet hurts and my hair then gets damaged. I am thinking about installing a dehumidifier with my AC equipment to help. The air conditioner would turn on and the dehumidifier would work in tandem with it. As the AC cools the air, the dehumidifier would remove the excessive moisture from the air. I think with less moisture inside, I should have dry hair faster. At the very least, my home will feel much colder when it is dryer. I hope it works mainly for hair reasons though. I hate waiting to put up my hair and then giving up. A huge wet pelt of hair gets annoying after a few hours.

indoor air quality