In the area where I live, the length of the winter and amount of snow is a problem.  It’s not uncommon for us to accumulate several feet of snow on the ground in a single night.  Shoveling, plowing and snow blowing is necessary to access the walkways and mailbox, and to get the car out of the driveway.  Shoveling is labor-intensive, time-consuming and tiring. I would rather not get up an hour earlier every morning, bundle up in heavy boots and coat, and shovel snow.  Hiring somebody to plow is rather expensive, and snow melting chemicals cause damage to landscaping and sometimes get tracked into the house. I’ve avoided all of these problems though the investment into a snow melt system.  I have a boiler in the basement which is connected to a piping system concealed beneath the floor of the garage, driveway and walkways. Hot water runs through the pipes, effectively melting snow and ice, and keeping surfaces clear.   I don’t need to worry about someone potentially slipping, falling and getting hurt. There’s no fear of getting snowed in, and the equipment is entirely concealed. I have the controls of the snow melt system set to automatically activate at a specific air temperature and moisture level.  Because the boiler is exceptionally energy efficient, the cost of operation isn’t overly high. I also rely on the boiler to heat the entire home and supplement our hot water needs. Despite it’s compact size, the boiler easily handles the workload and requires only annual maintenance.

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