For the past various years, I’ve worked as a community organizer for our local neighborhood. Although it’s not an regular political position, our life can get pretty hectic at times. Always on the go, I recently decided to take a trip to another neighborhood to support a fundraiser for a fellow community organizer friend, and my haste didn’t serve me well this time around, though, as I didn’t do our typical pre-road trip automobile checks before making our way out of town. Consequently, about midway through our trip to the event our defroster went out completely. With the weather being as awful as it was not to mention the road being taxing enough to see even with the use of a defroster, I decided to make a pitstop at a local dealership since our automobile was still under warranty. Upon doing so, the service team got right to task diagnosing the issue. Within a few minutes, they came back with the verdict: that our defroster blower motor had gone bad. Eager to get back on the road to make it to the event in time, I advised the team to go ahead as well as service or replace the motor–whichever needed to be done as well as regardless of how much it’d cost. After securing the parts necessary from a crosstown dealership, the team resumed work. In just a few more minutes of work, our defroster was fixed as well as QA/QC’d to ensure it would run at least as well as it did prior to the mishap–a process for which it evaluated out with flying colors. Therefore, triumphant with all the task that had been done, I paid up as well as hit the road again, aiming to make it to our destination during the few minutes of sun remaining, courtesy of the sun.

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