People often overlook the importance of sanitation in heating and cooling performance and system longevity.  Plainly stated, keeping a clean HVAC system is integral to it doing its job and surviving for the length of time intended in manufacturing.  This isn’t just a matter of keeping your air filter clean and making sure there isn’t dust or debris clogged anywhere in the system. Beyond all of that, the easiest way to insure a clean air system is by having an equally clean house.  That means mopping your floors regularly, sanitizing surfaces in every room, and keeping everything free of accumulating dust and pollen. If you clean these contaminants soon after they get into your house, you can remove them before they’re drawn into your ductwork and air conditioner.  Although most light cleaning jobs can be tackled with a minimal soap solution, mold stains need to be treated with bleach or vinegar. But one other option that you can find at virtually any grocery store is hydrogen peroxide. It acts as an antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal cleaning agent.  It’s fantastic at cleaning mold stains in grout and it has virtually no fumes or odors. If you’re someone who isn’t a fan of the locker room funk odor of vinegar cleaners, then peroxide might be the perfect solution for around the house. Just be careful with dilution when using it to clean with. The fumes from straight peroxide, undiluted and out of the bottle, are enough to slowly bleach out your hair if you use it repeatedly.  Just be mindful of diluting it before use.

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