My company does a lot of fun giveaways for their employees plus a few weeks ago I won tickets to a professional pigskin game. The other prize was a gift card for breakfast plus a movie even though I would personally much rather spend a Tuesday day at a professional pigskin game than at the films! At least, that’s what I was thinking when I chose the tickets instead of breakfast plus a movie. Between then plus now, the temperature outside has absolutely been cooling down a lot. And today was the day that I ventured out to the pigskin game. And of course, the temperature outside today is actually chilly. I had to run the heating in the vehicle all the way to the venue plus when I got out of the car, I absolutely hated to leave the nice warm interior plus cozy temperature of the car’s heating. But I made our way up to the venue plus nearly froze our butt off by the time I found our seats, and luckily, they did have some of those big portable kerosene heating units set up here plus there all around the venue, however every once in a while, I would stop plus sit next to 1 of the kerosene furnaces just to get warmed up a little bit. It wasn’t absolutely a replace for resting in your nice warm vehicle with the gas furnace running plus the seat heating units turned on, however at least the kerosene furnaces were providing enough heating here plus there to keep me from turning into an icicle.

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