I completely destruction hour Heating in addition to A/C unit. I blame the new grass mower more than I blame myself. I splurged and got myself the fastest grass mower on the market. I hate mowing because it takes so long. With our new mower, it takes half the time and it sort of fun. I thought I had gotten good at running the machine, I think not. The last time I mowed I whipped our component around the yard. The grass mower boats about being able to chop corners and turn entirely tight. I took one turn too slim and ran directly into the outdoor unit on our Heating in addition to A/C equipment. It was a head on collision. The grass mower has a immense dent in the front. The Heating in addition to A/C unit is all smashed into itself. The outdoor unit is hooked to our inside heating and air conditioner. Both need to be in good shape in order to be functional; Now that I totally destruction the outdoor component, the two of us have no temperature control inside. What do I do about this? My grass mower can sort of work, however not legitimately well. I entirely want to repair our mower and finish up the grass. My wifey is entirely angry with myself and others and says that I have to pay for the Heating in addition to A/C unit first. I have to say, I am cringing inside imagining how much that bill is going to be. The outdoor unit looks terrible. The metal is all warped and caved in on itself. I know the whole outdoor piece of the Heating in addition to A/C will need to be taken out and reinstalled.