Most of the friends and colleagues I’ve made through the years laugh at me.  I finally finished off a long career only to retire to the midwest. Everyone seems to be beside themselves with my decision.  I grew up in the south so, most everyone was certain I would retire there. And, it’s what most of my peers have done. However, I lived in the midwest for about 3 years while working at a hotel.  Aside for the HVAC bills in the winter, I loved living here. The people are just my type. Most are chill and laid back. But, I really love how they all actually care about and look after each other.  What better place to spend the rest of my time on planet earth? Additionally, I was able to purchase some rural acreage to build my dream house on. I’m super stoked about that aspect. While I adore the design, it’s not the best part of the house.  I am putting in geothermal heating and cooling! It sounds exotic but it’s really not. The geothermal system simply utilizes the earth’s near constant temperature to extract heating and cooling energy. There is a loop buried underground which pulls in the energy to transfer to the heating and cooling system.  In the winter, the heat is transferred to water which runs under all the floors. Radiant heat is easily the coziest way of heating a home. When it gets really cold, I have a furnace which supplements the heat I need. The initial costs are a bit higher for a geothermal HVAC unit. But, I’ll be raking in the savings for the next 20 to 30 years from the efficiency it provides.  Who’s laughing now?

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