I have had bad allergies for a long time, but lately it seems like they have gotten worse. I have taken allergy medicine with no relief, and things have gotten really bad. I decided to goto the doctor to see if I could do anything. The doctor was asking me all kinds of questions including questions about the components of my HVAC system. He even asked if I had an air purifier or humidifier. I actually didn’t have an air purifier or humidifier, and never thought to get those for my place. He was saying that an air purifier could really help me with my terrible allergy symptoms. So I decided to reach out to an HVAC company and asked them about their air purifiers and humidifiers. They sent out an HVAC technician to talk to me about what they could install. He recommended the whole house air purifier system along with a humidifier/dehumidifier combo unit. This would significantly improve the air quality in my home. He even asked if I would like to go for the UV air purifier system. That went a step further in cleaning the air by eliminating viruses and bacteria. I was all for the better air quality so I went for it. After everything was installed, I was impressed by the change. I felt a huge amount of relief from my terrible allergies and couldn’t actually believe that this was the answer to my troubles! I felt the allergies still mildly, but I was nowhere near as uncomfortable as I was previously! I made sure to send ‘thank you’ cards to both the HVAC technician and the doctor.

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