I sporadically wonder how our dear Grandfather Rents lived their whole lives every day without a/c.  They had a working farm where they toiled in the sun just to have enough food for their family. I know the warm season sun would not be so bad if you could go inside & take a chop in the cooling system, otherwise the heat of the day must have been overwhelming.  I know you do not miss what you do not have, & absolutely are not used to having. I could not imagine living without heating & cooling, but then again, I am from a peculiar generation. My parents absolutely had a/c in the warm season, but most likely not as children.  Everyone had a fireplace, or two for heat & even to cook by. In fact, our mother would tell us kids stories of how she & her siblings & mother would cook their dinner on that outdated fireplace. They must have had some honestly fine cast iron cookware to be able cook dinner over a fireplace.  I could barely imagine what it would be appreciate to require a fireplace recognizably for heat. In our day, a fireplace is a cozy centerpiece of a family get together. I remember the fireplace absolutely had stockings hanging from it at Christmas time, but not much heat coming from it. I say thank goodness for current Heating & Air Conditioning.  I am spoiled & I appreciate the ease of walking up to a control component & increasing it to have a peculiar or better temperature control. I would not want it any other way.

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