I started working at a new Italian restaurant a few months ago and absolutely love it; we are always so busy, which means more money! My only complaint would be that it is always so hot in there and I have no idea why – our ductwork is exposed so I know we have a central air system. I have noticed it doesn’t run very often though which is what is so confusing. I also just realized that we have an additional air conditioning unit in the restaurant alone, like a stand alone unit. So, I truly am baffled at why we keep our restaurant so hot; I have had tables leave prior to ordering because of how uncomfortably hot they were inside the restaurant. I feel like part of running a good restaurant is having a good HVAC unit – I mean, we do live in the southeast afterall. This would ensure all guests are comfortable, especially in high temps when you want ice cold air blowing on you from the vents. However, I did finally find out why it is always so hot – my boss says it’s too expensive to run the AC at all times so we just leave it off until someone complains about the temperature! How wild is that? What happens when it is too late and a customer leaves before even saying anything? All to save a few bucks and be cheap; is it worth the business they lose though? This didn’t make me feel very good about my new job or my new boss.

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