My uncle runs an antique store downtown. It’s in a really old, dilapidated building in a nice part of town. He’s owned the store for years and years, and so it’s become almost like his home away from home. The bad thing about him living there is the fact that the building is pretty dusty and dirty. The indoor air quality in the building is just terrible, and I worry about my uncle living there. I’m afraid he’s going to get sick with allergies or asthma or even something worse! I’ve asked him over and over again to call his local HVAC company to have them come down to the antique shop to give him an estimate about installing some new HVAC ventilation ducts and maybe even a whole home air purification system. But my uncle maintains that he absolutely does not need a whole home air purification system at all. He says that he does just fine living there and opening up the windows once in a while to get a breath of fresh air. I don’t think that’s true, though. I feel like his old lungs are probably not doing very well, but he doesn’t seem to be that concerned about it at all. I wish that he would at least let me call and make an appointment with the HVAC company to come out and check out his heating and air conditioning. But my uncle is so stubborn that I doubt he will ever make an appointment, much less get an air purification system installed in the antique store!

HVAC repair