It’s getting close to Halloween, and this year my kids are in for a real treat. We’re having a backyard Halloween bash for all of their friends and we’re having all kinds of yummy treats that are as fun to make as they are to eat! We’re going to have a table set up to make special decorated pumpkin cupcakes, bat lollipops, and cinnamon pumpkin rolls with chocolate filling. I can’t wait, because the moms are going to love these pumpkin treats as much as the kids will! My only concern about the Halloween bash is that the outside weather temperatures might not cooperate with us. I’m really hoping that the weather will not continue cooling off more and more until then. I’d really like for it to be nice and crisp, like an actual autumn day, instead of feeling like we have freezing temperatures outside! Just in case, I’ve decided to rent some of those big outdoor space heaters that look like giant old-timey gas street lamps. Those space heaters can really put out a lot of heating if you get enough of them! I’m thinking that three or four kerosene powered outdoor space heaters should be enough to do the trick for heating the backyard for all the kids and their moms. Hopefully, anyway! I really don’t want everyone to be so cold that they try and go inside the house to take advantage of the heat from the oil furnace that’s heating the house. I just know everyone will track in dirt and mud and probably crumbs from all of the treats!

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