I am looking into getting my boyfriend Stephen a massage for his birthday. There are way too many options out there. You can get a normal massage, couples massage, hot stone massage or deep tissue massage. I don’t know what would be best for him. Right now I am just reading reviews online and hoping for something that sounds good. There is one massage place that I like the sound of. They specialize in hot stone massage therapy. The reviews are all pretty positive. The people say that the masseuse’s are experienced, the building is clean and the atmosphere was nice. The only thing is that just about every person mentioned the heating in the building. Some people raved that the for their hot stone massage, they loved the added heating boost. Apparently this massage place ups the heater setting and then adds hot stones. Their theory is that the heating system warms you up, loosens your muscles and you get more bang for your buck. Quite a few people loved sweating it out with the heating equipment blasting. There were a couple of negative reviews though. There was a couple that went to get massages and they bitter complained about the heater setting. They said that sweating while getting a massage was not relaxing. They felt gross and uncomfortable. One person said that the steam from the stone and the heating device combination made them almost pass out. That sounds really sketchy. I don’t know if Stephen would like intensive heating during a massage. He might get annoyed with the heater technology too.

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