When we found out that there was a large colony of bees living under our sun deck we weren’t sure what to do. We spend a lot of time out there in nicer weather and we didn’t want to have our summer ruined.  At first we talked about poisoning them but felt that wasn’t the answer either. We all knew that there was a decline in honeybees and felt it wasn’t very environmentally responsible to kill of such an important part of the pollination process.  All we knew was that we were not going to give up our sun deck to the bees for the the entire season. Thankfully we went on Craigslist and found several trained people who would come out and relocate the bees for a small fee. We found out that they needed to set up the equipment for the move after dark and then leave it in place for twenty four to 48 hours.  This would allow all the bees to migrate into the containment cylinder and then they could be moved safely. We asked how they could ensure that they would not just come back and they said that, so long as they are moved at least two miles away, they wouldn’t come back. We found the whole process very interesting. The reason they needed to set up after dark was because the bees would have already returned to the hive for the night.  If they set it up during the day some of the would have been trapped outside and be left behind. It was really interesting to learn about but I am really glad that they are gone now too.

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