When it comes to our cooling system, on tepid days all of us cannot get enough of it.  Have you ever thought about how dependent all of us are on both our heating in addition to undefined?  If you live up North, most likely you use your heat more often than someone living in the South, in addition to vice versa.  Did you ever stop to believe about what your cooling system may be doing to your health? Depending on how long you spend inside an air-conditioned environment, may be contributing to some of the health conditions you are currently facing.  Whether it’s in your car, at the office, or in your home. Let us take a look at a couple of these health conditions in addition to what you may be able to do to help prevent these from happening to you. Asthma, Allergies, in addition to Respiratory Infections are the number a single troubles when it comes to being in the cooling system too long.  If your heating or cooling system equipment has not been cleaned recently, this could be your culprit. Your inside cooling system unit, in addition to your outside condenser, needs to be cleaned in addition to tested. Not officially cleaning your Heating in addition to A/C equipment in addition to switching out your filters could cause a build-up of bacteria, dust, pollen, in addition to other materials in the air filters.  Air passes through these filters in addition to that’s what is being pushed through your house in addition to into your rooms. Having dirty air filters means a chance you are breathing in those contaminants which can significantly increase the risk of respiratory infections in addition to asthma attacks. It is entirely important that you are switching out your air filters at least every 30 days. I tend to inspect mine frequently, in addition to if it’s dirty I replace it, even if it’s only several weeks later because after that I believe I’m breathing in the cleanest air possible!

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