After living in our house for nearly several years, the people I was with and I realized the people I was with and I never used the back porch.  It was a complete waste of space. Since the people I was with and I were in need of an extra bedroom for our youngest daughter, the people I was with and I decided to convert the sunlight porch.  The project was not overly difficult. All of us tore the walls down to the studs in order to add insulation plus electrical wiring. The screens needed to be upgraded with thermal pane windows, plus the people I was with and I installed an overhead light plus a nice carpet.  Our greatest challenge was figuring out how to handle temperature control. In our area, the people I was with and I deal with severe weather just about all year round. With Winter time hot plus cold temperatures down below zero plus humid Summer weather, an effective heating plus cooling system was a necessity.  All of us considered extending the existing HVAC duct, however weren’t satisfied with this solution. The HVAC duct would have been an high-priced plus complex work, plus take up a wonderful deal of essential space. There was also the worry that our new oil furnace plus a/c would be unable to keep up with the additional square footage.  I spent some time researching odd styles of Heating as well as Air Conditioning device online, plus came across ductless mini splits. The ductless unit is comprised of 2 separate components which are linked by a narrow conduit. Both the outdoor plus indoor device are compact plus lightweight. The indoor air handler mounted high up on the wall, plus is conveniently controlled by a cordless remote.  The ductless system provides both heating plus cooling capability, absolutely maintaining perfect year round temperature in the new bedroom. It operates quietly plus is lovely energy efficient. Although the people I was with and I hired a professional Heating as well as Air Conditioning corporation to handle the upgrade, the job was completed in a few fifths.

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