Lois and I consider ourselves to be pretty ideal at maintaining a clean house and getting our appliances taken care of. We’re doing our best to turn our 2 little guys into clean freaks as well, but they’re not quite as happy as us yet. That being stated, Lois and I live in quite the humid temperature. Fungi can tend to thrive in such an environment if left not dealt with, and last hot season, both Lois and I started to smell a pungent aroma coming from our Heating, Ventilation and A/C vents. My partner Lois’ sinus issues also seemed to be acting up quite a bit and seemed more horrible when the air conditioning system was running. Eventually, both of us surmised that there was blockage in the vents that was leading to her sinus issues and headaches and it needed to be cleaned out. As soon as her and I had a free afternoon, both of us got an appointment with a heating and air company to come out and look over our HVAC ducts. And of course, the Heating, Ventilation and A/C serviceman discovered fungi spores growing in certain parts of the air vents. The HVAC guy used special tools to clean the ducts out as thoroughly as possible and strongly told us  that her and I should enroll in a service and cleaning method to prevent any future fungi, issues, or damages from developing. We cheerfully agreed, because the final thing we wanted was a ductwork issue.

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